Vacuuming walk off mats to reduce the amount of dirt and soil which will track onto the floor
Sweeping and dust mopping floors to remove loose dirt which will be ground into the finish and cause excessive wear
Damp mopping and scrubbing floor to remove sticky soil and loose dirt from the floor which helps to restore the natural floor shine and appearance
We use a high speed buffer/burnisher to extend the life and beauty of the floor
Floor care experts suggest that the following signs mean it is time to strip and wax floors:
Stains on the floor
The finish has an obvious flaking or chipping
The floor is no longer shiny and has dark shadowy areas
Worn traffic areas showing and bare floor becoming exposed through worn away finish or sealer
There is a build up of wax on the floor. Built up wax may look yellow or have gray or black patches
Our Daily Floor Maintenance Program Consists of the Following:
Maintenance Program
Our Floor Maintenance Program
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Though we determine your needs individually, at Pride Professional we recommend the following Floor Maintenance Program:
Deep scrub floors two coats wax       Quarterly
Strip and wax floors                           Annually
Machine scrub restrooms                   Semi-annually
Our Quarterly/Annually/Semi-Annually Floor Maintenance Program Consists of the Following:
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